Meet some people at SBC

Dema & Marina Serenkov
   Bro. Dema & Marina are assistant teachers for the auditorium adult SS class.  Bro. Dema leads the music in our church and his wife plays the piano.  They have two teenage sons - Andrei & Alosha.  It is a joy to see such faithfulness in this young family!  They are an honor to work with.

 Igor & Lena Kobseva.
    Bro. Igor & Lena were married in 2010.  They live at the church and are involved in every area of the ministry.  Bro. Igor and his wife are now in charge of the teens (with Bro. Sloan being gone for three months).  They are doing a superb job.  

Michail & Tamara Kashkirov   
   Bro. Mesha & Tamara have been faithful members of our church for over 13 years.  Bro. Mesha is from Uzbekistan and is a Tatar.  He and his wife work in our nursing home ministry.  They sometimes go twice a week.  Bro. Mesha speaks several languages.

    Marina Nikitina 
   Marina is our main interpreter and translator.  Although she has no formal English language training, through the years she has become one of the best interpreters around -- just by attending church.  She is also active in almost every aspect of the church

   Nelya Kutergena 
   Nellie's main job is to works with our orphanage children.  Nellie is also the children's SS director.  However, she is involved in other ministries -- any area where help is needed, she is there!  I really couldn't have done the banquet without her help.... she is my right hand!

   Luda Tushenka
   Luda is the church librarian.  Luda is faithful.... If we need something done, just ask Luda once, and the job is finished.  She is also a children's SS teacher.  Her joyful personality is a blessing to everyone.



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