Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Four Season of Marriage
 2013 Couple's Conference

     We had a great time this year at the conference.  Each year seems to be just what I need and at the perfect time.  I so enjoyed the wonderful/soul stirring preaching, the fellowship with other Christians not only from out church but from churches around Ukraine.
     Most everyone has agreed that this has been probably the best conference yet.  We know of several in our church that needed this conference and this particular theme seemed to hit home in their hearts.
     Missionary Pastor Bob Van Sant was first.  He spoke on "The Season of Winter" - a time of coldness and bitterness - a time of loneliness and desperation.  Winter may seem beyond hope but we cannot give up.  Winter can last for days or it can last for years.  The good news is that forgiveness and God's power are always available to us.  Melting can come and Spring can come again.

     Missionary Pastor John O'Brien was second.  He spoke on "The Season of Fall".  I think it was interesting when he spoke of the absence of 'chlorophyll'.... the substance that gives the leaves their green color and growth.  The absence of 'chlorophyll - the Word of God' in our lives will result in this change.  Although things look beautiful on the outside, there are changes going on within.
     Missionary Pastor Mark Priem was third.  He spoke on "The Season of Summer."  There is a feeling of happiness, satisfaction, accomplishments and connection.   It is a time where there is understanding between the spouses.  Although life is comfortable, we still want to take positive actions to 'water the flowers in our summer marriage".
     Pastor Vlad Kruchinin was last.  He spoke on "The Season of Spring".  He also brought everything to a conclusion.  Spring is a time of new beginnings and that is what each marriage can have through Jesus Christ.  There is excitement, joy, and hope.

     The music and games were fun.  This year we also allowed more time for couples to be together - to walk the streets of Feodosiya and to wander along the boardwalk of the Black Sea.  The weather was beautiful and the colors of the trees gave the perfect romantic setting.

Bro. Tony Hess led the music 
(Judy, Bob, Tony & Dawn) 
 The ladies did a craft!

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