Thursday, August 9, 2012

Simferopol Baptist Church Teen Camp
   My husband likes to use one word to explain the week at camp this year --  "WOW!".  There were 110 campers.  I think we broke a new record.  Campers came from all over Ukraine and Belarus.  There were also some a couple from Moldova and Russia and one from Cameroon.  And of course, there were a few Americans represented.   
     I think the pictures tell the story best.  But to summarize, there were four saved and many dedicated their lives to serving the Lord.  This is what our camp is all about - teaching and training Ukrainian young people to carry on the work of Christ.  
   Bro. Cecil Ballard from Marion, IA was the main speaker each evening.  Pastor Bob Van Sant, Missionary David Sloan, Pastor Tony Hess, Pastor Vladimir Kruchinin and Missionary Stanislav Yatskiv. 
    So below - is a brief tour of our camp "Safari" - Romans 8:31, "If God be for us, who can be against us?"   Enjoy!!
Some of the most beautiful voices were there - singing glory to God.  Choirs from all the cities represented sang.  

There was excitement in the air all the time!

 Game Time was "EXCELLENT
(one of the words the teens learned this week).

Some of the many faces of Bro. Ballard:

Decision Making Time:

AND of course with time working with teens, 
you need a COFFEE BREAK!

The MANY FACES of camp - some funny - some ????